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Unless otherwise note, Indigo Bananas cuticle balms contain fragrance oils that are not lip safe or edible. While ingredients may be lip safe, and the rest of the ingredients are edible, we could not determine definitively if the fragrance in this one is lip safe.

This balm's fragrance is sweet jasmine type floral, with a note of carnation or gardenias. Very refreshing, medium floral scent, not too sweet.  The pikake flower is what traditional Hawaiian Leis are made of, and is a species of jasmine Enjoy your tropical vacation early with this balm!

This balm is best used on your cuticles, skin around your nails, on your nails and UNDER your nails (this helps me a -lot- with peeling and nail strength), but can also be used on your hand, and elsewhere (please check flavors as to whether or not they are lip safe).

It absorbs quickly, and has a powdery afterfeel, so it is specifically made for cuticles, nails and fingers - fingers that you don't want to leave a greasy mark on things!

Indigo Bananas cuticle & nail balm is a high quality butter, oil & wax based balm that will result in softer skin, and healthier nails and cuticles! This balm absorbs quickly into your skin, has a mix of oils that are great for your skin, and leaves a powdery feel on your fingers in about 30 seconds - so you don't leave grease spots everywhere!

This recipe was developed after a year and a half of tinkering with various oils, butters and waxes. The ingredients in this include greasy and deeply penetrating butters, emollient (skin softening) butters, dryer oils, great occlusive (barrier forming) ingredients, oils with Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, lecithin, as well as ingredients that have anti inflammatory and wound healing effects.

This particular formula was sent out to testers and used for a good 5-6 months and has held up well over the summers both in the northern hemisphere and the southern.

This balm absorbs quickly and leaves a powdery afterfeel, which also means that if you are in the habit of taking pictures of your manicures shortly after you apply balm, this balm will be less shiny than alternatives! So snap away!


* This balm is NOT vegan, as it contains both beeswax and lanolin. A vegan version is in the works sometime down the line.

* This balm contains SHEA BUTTER, which has a very small % naturally occurring latex in it. If you have latex allergies this may or may not be an allergen for you.


INGREDIENTS: Avocado oil, mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, caprylic/capric/stearic glycerides (palm oil derived), jojoba oil, lanolin, isopropyl myristate, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, scent (essential oil or fragrance - see specific scent for more info)


***contains no funny business with water soluble ingredients like honey or glycerin! If you see products sold elsewhere that contain these ingredients, but no emulsifier or preservative please be aware that such products will separate and likely breed wee beasties!


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