Collection: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I contact Indigo Bananas?
    Please check here.

  • Are there any shipping deals or coupons?
    There are no standing coupons or discounts but Indigo Bananas offers free shipping (only from purchases over $60 (US), $100 (Canada), $200 (Worldwide) qualify for free shipping. Free shipping shows up as an option automatically.

  • When do orders ship out and how long do orders take to arrive?
    For USPS First Class mail shipping:
    Please allow up to 7 days for processing an order and dropping it off, occasionally a bit longer after sales or launches. Orders placed during sales or after launches generally take extra time. Orders usually go out faster but exceptions do happen, as IB is a one woman team at the moment and the local mail system is overloaded and slower than normal in getting packages processed for first class packages. Delivery time for first class packages within the US is 4-7 days, but sometimes longer delays can happen. Tracking info for first class USPS packages is NOT accurate nor is it updated at every step of the way.

    For USPS Priority mail shipping:
    Please let us know if the order has a deadline or is urgent in any way. Otherwise orders go out in around 4-5 days, and priority mail packages get processed quickly at our local post office.  Delivery time for priority mail within the US is 2-3 days. Tracking for Priority mail is generally updated on time and accurately, but not all the time.

    For international orders:
    These generally go First Class and processing time follows the domestic First Class guidelines above.  Delivery time for first class international is very irregular - anywhere from five days to twenty days is normal.  Tracking info for first class international is VERY inconsistent and often not scanned immediately but only scanned at customs or entering the delivery country and upon delivery.  Priority mail is more consistent with both delivery times and tracking.

    If you need a package sent out asap please contact us ahead of time or shortly after placing an order! If the order is a gift, let us know (in order comments).

  • What is the return policy at Indigo Bananas?
    We currently do not offer returns at Indigo Bananas, since items cannot be resold.  We offer replacements or credit in the case of damage, shipping issues, and other defects.

  • How safe is it to shop at Indigo Bananas?
    Very! The official Indigo Bananas shop runs on the Shopify eCommerce platform, which is stable, professionally managed and has secure checkout pages and credit card handling.

  • Allergy info:
    Indigo Bananas product are manufactured, packed and shipped in a location with no smokers, cats/dogs/other furry friends.  Please check individual listings for ingredient and other info.

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free info:
    All nail polishes are vegan & cruelty free (no pigments such as carmine, fish scales and related are used, and none of our suppliers do any animal testing).  Handcare items are cruelty free, use organic ingredients whenever possible and a good quality version exists (but not always), but may not be vegan (usually due to the inclusion of beeswax).

  • Item ___ is out of stock. Is it discontinued or will it be back?
    A list of all Indigo Bananas releases can be found here.  Anything that is not marked as discontinued is restocked regularly, when stocks are low or shortly after they sell out.  The shop's front page will have info regarding new releases and restocks in the event that something is sold out for longer than normal.
  • I created an account with the wrong e-mail address, I placed an order with the wrong address, I would like an order cancelled, etc.
    Please drop us an e-mail asap at

  • Is there an Indigo Bananas Newsletter?
    Yes! Please sign up here:  (or at the bottom of the shop's pages). We will only use your e-mail for (infrequent) updates, announcements, sales & releases related to Indigo Bananas.
  • Does Indigo Bananas charge sales tax?
    Yes, Indigo Bananas charges sales tax in the state of California - 7.5% statewide plus 0-2.5% depending on which county you are located in.
  • I love glitters but I never wear them because they are so hard to take off. Any recommendations?
    Yes! Glitter removal is very easy if you use pure acetone based nail polish removers.  Place a small square of cotton soaked in the remove on top of your nail, wrap tightly with a small strip of aluminum foil and wait 5-10 minutes. This is both the gentlest and fastest way of removing nail polish.  Do not pick nail polish off your nail or you may damage, pit or have nails peel apart into layers.  Faster removal with pure acetone (or acetone mixed with a small amount of glycerine) followed by balm or cuticle oil is my method. 
  • My nail polish chips too fast, no matter what I do. Any tips?
    Wearing a base coat or clear coat that you like and always using a top coat tends to greatly increase wear for all polishes.  Three other things make a big difference as to how fast a nail polish chips - not getting your hands wet within (or before) 2-3 hours of applying polish, not having very flexible nails (chipping increases the greater the difference between your nail flexibility and the flexibility of your polish) and not applying too many coats or many thick coats all at once.  I have actually found that moisturizing my nails (with balm) an hour or two _before_ applying polish increases wear - and wiping nails with alcohol or acetone decreases wear.  I have dry nails however, and this may also affect wear.

  • My nail polish is thick or has thickened after a few uses.
    Indigo Bananas polishes should have a good consistency and application, as formula is checked when each batch is created, but over time and especially after a few uses all nail polishes may evaporate some and thicken up. A few drops of a nail polish thinner will fix things right up. Note: do not use acetone to thin nail polish, or use thinners that contain acetone (some actually do contain it!) because acetone permanently breaks down nail polish.