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SWITCH out ALL Brushes for Flat or Paddle

SWITCH out ALL Brushes for Flat or Paddle

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SWITCH out brushes for FREE
Please choose your items from the drop down menu - either SWITCH out for FLAT or SWITCH out for PADDLE (FAN) brush.  These are per order, one brush switch out per bottle on the order. Both FULL and MINI brushes will be switched out if your order contains a mix of bottles.  Leave a comment if you'd like something else! :)

No need to add multiple copies of this listing; all brushes will be switched out for your preference :)

Orders from Feb 2023 to June 2023 I am offering a free switch out for previous orders. I would love it if you included this on a new order if you plan on placing a new order sometime (to save on shipping).  Comment on new order, include one of the SWITCH OUT listings or e-mail me at indigobananas@ for brush switchouts.

------ Brushes ------

Flat brushes are a bit wider and flatter than normal brushes, but not the very 'wide'/'chunky' type brushes.  Straight ends, and a bit more spring than standard (or skinny) brushes. The length for flat brushes for our 15ml bottles is quite a bit shorter than the length of the standard brushes.
Paddle or fan brushes are wide and chunky style brushes, with a curved end and more bristles than other brushes.  These hold a lot more polish and cover more nail, but may also cover with too much polish or flood edges. Try it and see if you like them! The length for paddle/fan brushes for our 15ml bottles is a little bit shorter than the length of standard brushes.

How to replace brushes: Remove the cap & brush from your IB bottle, wipe off polish, hold the cap in one hand and give the brush a hard yank (with paper towels or pliers).  The brush should pop out of the cap.  To change brushes, insert the new brush into the bottle and screw the cap onto the nail polish bottle. Alternatively you may purchase new caps, drop the brush into the bottle and screw on the cap.

Please note: brushes are coated with clear nail polish so they are rigid. If you are using the brushes in non-solvent based liquids, or oils or water based liquids (diy cuticle oil, etc), please soak off the clear polish coating with acetone/remover first.

NOTE ABOUT BRUSH SIZING: Our brushes are nonstandard and may not fit many other caps or bottles.  They are for 13mm wide neck bottles (15mm is the other standard bottle neck size). 

The bottles that these brushes will fit are 36-39mm high (for the 8ml mini brushes), or 46-50mm high (for the 15ml full brushes).  They will fit longer bottles, but not shorter ones than the max.  These numbers are measured from the inside (glass bottom) to the top of the neck.  These are the measurements to check for if you're buying parts for other brands.

How to measure if our caps or brushes will fit other brands' bottles
WIDTH of neck: take a tape measure to the top of the neck of the bottle, and measure outside THREAD TO THREAD. This number should be 13mm.
LENGTH of brush:  Insert a wooden stick (like an orange stick), mark off distance at the top of the neck with a marker.  This number should be 50mm or smaller.

In addition, the cap and brush need to fit together. Our brushes may fit a FEW other brands, but when in doubt, you likely need to purchase our caps as well (or hot glue/krazy glue the brush top into your cap) for the brush and cap to screw together properly.

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