7/20/14 update:
SHIPPING DELAYS during the week of the 21st-26th. (Should ship by 27th).

6/29/14 update:
Many items have low inventory numbers, but have technically been restocked and are available (batches are made, but they are not being poured into individual glass bottles, just on demand). In July we're moving to a new location and are trying to minimize the amount of individual glass needing to be moved. (Also low on bottles since new bottles will be delivered to new place!)

All NEW colors (flakies): these I have plenty of; if you notice something out of stock let me know and I will fix it!  I'm trying hard to keep these guys in stock, so if any are out it is very likely just a shop stock # issue.

Everything ELSE that is sold out: will not be restocked until mid July. There should be very few (non balm) items at 0 however!

Balms: coconut, chai tea restocked. A few new flavors coming, and restock of mint, and all new flavors by end of first week July.

New releases: I had a small release of silver flakie based polishes set for end June, but they are being pushed to mid-end July, pending bottle order arrivals, which I had a big run on in the past few weeks.   Thanks everyone! :)

Oldish Stuff:
6/11/14: New products launched:

* Summer Rains collection, flakies, shimmers & linear holo combos
* four new balms: Coconut & Banana, Cucumber & Melon, Chai Tea, Coffee (Latte)
* Macaroon, Passion Fruit, Cocoa balms discontinued

* most colors are in stock; anything low or not in stock will be restocked by late June