2015-02-08 INDIGO BANANAS IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED (CHECKOUT DISABLED). You can view all products, add them to your cart, save them to your account, but we're closed for shipping until late February. Please check back here, on Facebook, in our Facebook fan group (A Lovely Bunch of Bananas), join our newsletter or check on Instagram (@indigobananas) for updates.  All orders through 2/8/16 have been packed and will ship tomorrow. Thank you everyone! :)

2015-02-01 **OUR LARGEST SALE EVER* is on through end of day Feb 7th!  
Save up to (possibly more) 50% if you reach free shipping or flat rate shipping amounts (these are lowered! $50 US free ship, $100 Canada $5 flat rate, $125 rest of the world $10 flat rate). Majority of items in the shop are 30-40%, last two newer collections 10-20%. For details check our facebook page or facebook group!  (Indigo Bananas will be closed Feb 9 - end of Feb. We're relocating to a new state (with no sales tax to boot!) and might open sooner  if everything gets settled fast).

2015-12-31  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We're open and shipping asap!  New items in the shop today:
* Lighthouse duo with Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer
* Call Me Mabel fader/oops version - in the new Banana Peels section

* restock of many older balm fragrances
**If you previously purchased Call Me Mabel and received a faded (pale pink/champagne) color, please contact indigobananas@gmail.com Thanks!

2015-11-27 New Releases:

- Winter 2015, part one of a game of thrones inspired set, and a 'Terrible Puns' holiday glitter duo.
- Dragon's Blood and Lemon Cake cuticle balms
- Creme a la Mode box #2 creme - Scarlet Night
**BLACK FRIDAY SAY until 11/29**
Slight shipping delays through the first week of December.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  If you are having checkout or cart problems please try logging out, clearing your cookies, cache, and saved active login settings, and logging back in (or another browser).  You can do this on most browsers by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE at the same time to bring up a popup window.  (Our checkout process was modified a few months ago, and any active sessions you may have if you are logged into your account may conflict with placing orders.)

Indigo Bananas uses sourced from and manufactured in NJ, and has never used Arminex/Nubar base, nor any supplies from. Please see our Facebook status update for more info. Thanks!


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