11/15/14:  NEW! Two chrome flakies & holographic versions (under 'Chrome Flakie' collection) - more colors to come. RESTOCK! five NfuOh type mega flakies (under 'Effect Top Coats' or 'Colorshifting Flakies' finish).  Delayed! Holiday collection + Limited Edition quintet + holiday balm scents to end November.

  Chrome flakies are in STOCK and ship ASAP - cut off for today (11/15's shipping time is 2pm PST or first 20 orders whichever comes first). Please only order these two chromes or items in stock if you want them to ship today (i.e. not mega flakie top coats, glow top coats, colorshifting glitter top coats - these are all individually made or not poured yet).
                                                                     ---NEW ITEMS BELOW---