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Spectraflair Holographic Top Coat - four kinds

Spectraflair Holographic Top Coat - four kinds

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Linear holographic top coats, made with one of four grades (sizes) of Spectraflair, an aluminum based pigment.  Full sized bottle (15ml) or a set of four mini (8ml) bottles are offered. [New June 2023 - mini bottles are now our 8ml squares! They're only available as a set (easier inventory) but the mini set is a great deal. Our 15ml bottles are our NORMAL SQUARE 15ml full size bottles - pictured are our very old bottles]

This top coat is silvery/transparent and needs to be layered for the best effect.

***This top coat is meant to be a one coat effect top coat. It has a lot of spectraflair in it - the more spectraflair the more greying it gets, but also the stronger the rainbow and less you need.

You can mix this top coat with your favorite normal clear coat (non quick dry) up to 1:1 to get a lighter effect, make it less greying or get more use out of the top coat! :) Three to four coats of this polish can also be worn alone for a silver holo effect.***

Want a lighter holo top coat because the current one is too greying? Want a mix of any of the grades? Include a note with your order or send us an e-mail and we can customize it for you.  This will add some processing time to your order.

For more info about Spectraflair and the four different grades offered, please select the 'Holo Top Coat Info' tab!


Each polish comes in a brand new 15ml bottle, with 2 stainless steel BBs, in suspension base* and a good amount of spectraflair. Each grade is made in larger batches, and each bottle has approximately the same amount of pigment in it so it's convenient to compare the different grades since they are made by weight (<5-6% error rate has been my track record).

What is Spectraflair?

Spectraflair is a pigment that produces a linear rainbow, which is much stronger than that of holographic micro glitters or other holo pigment top coats. Spectraflair is an aluminum based pigment, and not a glitter, and it refracts light in a very strong and unique rainbow manner. It applies completely smoothly, as a faint silver or light grey finish over various base colors (see pics). The number after each Spectraflair 'grade' option is the size of the pigment in microns (bigger = larger).
Spectraflair applies completely smoothly, as a faint silver or light grey finish over various base colors (see pics). The more pigment or more layers applied the greyer the effect but the stronger the rainbow. This is only true for Spectraflair. Other holographic pigments exist that are very grey, and produce a fuzzier and weaker rainbow.

Which grade is best? This is a matter of preference, as they vary in intensity, particle size and how they look over different colors but generally:

Spectraflair 14 - bright, smooth rainbow in the sun, and has the smallest particle size so it is least like glitter. Subtle indoors, and not very sparkly under low lighting. It will make the most "linear" type rainbow effect.
Spectraflair 20 - a good compromise between the grades, good holo rainbow in the sun, finer particles, not as silver as the 14, can see an effect indoors. looks good over reds & yellows.
Spectraflair 25+ - a newer grade especially formulated for nail polish; the particles are more uniform, and should be 15-20% more holo than the other grades. It is however the most 'grey' of all the grades and this is noticeable over yellow most of all. It is very sparkly however.
Spectraflair 35 - good rainbow in the sun, least silvery over dark colors, larger particle sizes/broader rainbow, most holographic in indoor lighting, most like glitter.


Which do I choose? They all look similar and I want the one I'd be happiest with.
Most people are happiest with Spectraflair 35 grade, and it's the most popular grade. I usually layer 20 or 25+ under 35 (order doesn't matter much) for the most even rainbow coverage. The grades do apply differently over other colors, so they do vary (especially over reds and yellows)!

Indigo Bananas brand polishes are handmade from suspension base, thinner & related solvents, pure pigments, effect micas & flakes, and glitter. Polishes are made in batches, with weighed colorants and measured liquids, and batches are compared to previous testers. All finished polish colors have been tested for at least a month, with most having been under development for 3months+. Since this is a handmade product, there's a possibility that there will be slight batch variations, but I do my best to minimize them, both in appearance and performance.

Please shake before use, as the base used tends to 'gel' up, but should thin to a good consistency with a small amount of agitation. Please allow dry time between each coat of polish. Usage of a base coat & top coat is HIGHLY recommended to increase wear of all nail polish. I recommend using 3-Free top coats & base coat - and especially avoiding DBP (dibutyl phthalate, which disrupts hormone function), in all nail polish products.

The easiest way to remove glitter nail polish is to: soak a cotton pad in polish remover (or acetone), place it on your nail, wrap a piece of aluminum foil around your finger, wait 10 minutes, press and slide off the pad in one swipe (look up "glitter foil removal method" on youtube for some great videos). Please wipe cap off after use to prevent build up of polish. Polish can be thinned with nail polish thinner (ethyl/butyl acetate based, not acetone) if it is too thick or thickens up over time, with use.

Do not use near an open flame, while smoking, or while breathing fire or doing similar stunts sometimes seen done by street performers. Not to be used to put out cigarettes. Store in a cool, dark location. Use in a well ventilated area when applying nail polish, and do not use as an inhalant. For external use only.

Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl, Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Silica, N-Butyl Alcohol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Benzophenone-1, Violet 2. may contain: ultramarines, iron oxides, chromium oxides, lake dyes (batch certified), mica, glitter.  (SF 35 top coat over bare nail/French)

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